Get Help!: Two Siblings' Tour Through the MCU is an MCU podcast created by a brother and sister team with codenames of St80fEmergency and Ravenoak. In every episode, the duo dissect and discuss each movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing to light any easter eggs, inconsistencies, and MARVELous moments. 

Why "Get Help"?

Yes, our name can be seen as somewhat of a misnomer. People see the words "get help" and automatically might think this is a self help podcast. That could not be further from the truth. Since St80fEmergency and Ravenoak are siblings, it only makes sense to somewhat resemble Thor and Loki- St80fEmergency with his viking-like beard, and Ravenoak with her goth-like tendencies. One of our favorite interactions with the Asgardian duo is the infamous "Get Help" scene in Thor: Ragnarok. Hence the name, "Get Help!"