About Get Help!

Get Help! is the brainchild of siblings St80fEmergency and Ravenoak. Ravenoak has a background in audio engineering and production, and St80fEmergency has always wanted to start a podcast. Late one night in July of 2019, the two decided that they could meld a conglomeration of their interests into a passion project, giving the masses exactly what they needed*: Get Help! - Two Siblings' Tour through the MCU. 

*We are fully aware that this is incredibly pompous of us to assume. But... does the world need less MARVEL? (The only answer to that is, "no".)

Tagline: Two Siblings' Tour Through the MCU. 

Full Description: With each new episode (released bi-weekly), St80Emergency and Ravenoak recap their thoughts about a different MCU installment starting with the release of 2008's Iron Man. Drinks will be poured, arguments will ensue, and tom-foolery is guaranteed. #LokiWouldBeProud.


  • Schedule - A new episode of Get Help! will be released every other Monday, at 6am EST. 

  • Length - Each episode with be as close to 60 minutes as possible. As the movies get longer and more connected with the previous movies, a single movie may have more than one part. 

  • Best Place To Start - Since the movies build upon each other, the episodes will as well. It is best to listen to the episodes in order starting at Episode 1 - Iron Man. If you want to be really awesome, you can start at Episode 0.